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Protecting her by bdehkte
Protecting her
calhoun lifted her head as the two cybugs crept towards her. they growled showing their fangs. 
she went to grab her gun but realized she didn't have one. 
the bugs got closer. 
calhoun's heart raced. she didn't have a weapon. she was outnumbered. 
she was dead. 
she hid under her arms and let out a cry as the two leapt for the kill. 
suddenly there was a large roar as another bigger cybug leapt from behind. 
calhoun let out a startled gasp.
it landed over her and put an arm in front of her. 
it snarled ferociously warning the others away. 
was it protecting her? 
the two cybugs looked shocked at first but then growled threateningly. 
the one over calhoun snarled more and poised ready to pounce. 
the cybugs were shocked again. they looked confused like they didn't know why one of their own was turning on them.
calhoun let out another gasp when both cybugs let out a roar and leapt. 
the one over calhoun growled and met them in the air. 
calhoun pushed herself away and watched. 
the two smaller ones kept trying to go for her but the blue one always stopped them. 
it was protecting her. 
Felix's Confession by bdehkte
Felix's Confession
and this lady's and gents is why i don't do comics. 
heh i don't have the patience or the skill
i respect all you comic makers big time

but anyways. 
i drew the scene from twister where bill admits he still loves jo with felix and calhoun. 
i cut a few lines out just so i could get it to fit on the paper.
i can imagine that before they got married calhoun was still upset about the death of her fiance. and she wanted to get herself killed thinking he would come back. but like felix says, it won't. (i've heard that her fiance's name was brad from somewhere. he didn't have a name in wreck it ralph)
she doesn't know that little ol' felix cares for her. 

this scene:…

I will not be moved by bdehkte
I will not be moved
Now the tables are turned, your lesson will be learned.

So, you thought you were finished, But you're far from done.
There's still a lot you haven't opened your eyes to learn.
Take your cute little friends And reveal all the dark insanities.
Soon your demise will be clearer than day, With the bytes you earn,
Defenses burn you up alive.
Now the wall gives way to a path that'll Take you down, Take the crown, and thrive!
So beware of all your worst enemies. Read these words that I heed to you.
Your infantile minds will never see the light again!
We knew this wasn't going to end well... Ha!
Well, let's end this now!

i will not be moved! 

You stand before my broken code,
You will face the taste of wrath.
You demised me with your evil demands to break me!
Your chance is here right now,
Your time to take a bow!
Or heed my immortal mind of gold!
Hold right onto your own souls, For I had nothing left!
You took it all from my cold, dead hands, you broke me!
Integrity declined, your time will end now!

you're all broken fools! 

i will not be moved! 

my brother showed me this awesome five nights at freddy's song:…

i thought of this scene from my story when i heard it

so basically what happened is that turbo defeated ralph and vanellope. he was going to finish them off but felix told turbo to fight him next. at first turbo thought it was a joke but felix was dead serious. the cybug gladly accepted since he wanted revenge on felix too. (you find out in my story that they were friends in the past but it ended when felix refused to help him take over road blasters) 

felix is glitching because turbo rewrote all of their codes
and i guess i named it that because felix refuses to run from turbo. he's gonna stand up to him and save his friends

weird i know

The three musketeers? by bdehkte
The three musketeers?
i watched the mickey, donald, and goofy one. 
and then i found this:…

i would totally watch this movie. totally :D 
This is the end by bdehkte
This is the end
Waiting for the end to come
Wishing I had strength to stand
This is not what I had planned
It's out of my control

what are they looking at? you'll find out later. maybe XD 

felix's burns are making me hurt.....ouch

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bdehkte's Profile Picture
Emily Larsen
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United States
hiya! :3
just a thing about me....i post mainly art based off stories or fan fictions i write or come up with...there is a few art based off of the actual shows or movies but its mostly stories i am writing or will write.....i really need to stop coming up with new story'll be the death of me

oh and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE jeremy renner XD

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